Happy New Year! A new year is a great time to reflect, prioritize, and plan. It’s also a perfect time to decide to put yourself first and take control of your finances.  

When I tell people I am a financial advisor, a common response is, “Oh, I should probably talk to you.” This is typically followed by, “But I don’t know what it really means to work with an advisor.”  

Let me explain what working with an advisor really means. Working with an advisor allows you to: 


  1. Know if you’re on track to becoming financially independent.Once you have this awareness, you can make the changes needed during your income-earning years while you still have time!

2. Quiet the noise.

Stop the spinning in your mind of what you should and shouldn’t be doing. A Google search and online articles can only take you so far. Eventually, the myriad of information out on the Internet will make you insane because you can’t discern what’s relevant to you and what’s not. 

3. Have a trusted partner.

You’ll have someone to give you answers to your questions that are personalized to you. An advisor will not only give you suggestions on how to reach your financial goals, but that person will be there for you through life’s decisions and milestones. Why wouldn’t you want to have that kind of support?!  

If you feel like you need more awareness, clarity, and trust around your finances, then talking to an advisor could be the answer for you! Reach out to me today if you or someone you know desires a better relationship with their money.

Please visit my website at www.annneverhart.com to learn more about my services and to schedule an appointment!

Sending my best,